Featured Artists

Meehan_Ice Bather__78 x 62.JPG

michael meehan

Michael Meehan is an artist, a painter, who lives and works in New York. He has previously worked, studied and lived in London, San Francisco and Stockholm, Sweden. He received his BFA from Cornell University and MFA from the New York Studio School. 

His work can be found in the William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation Collection, and private collections in Europe and the US.

Peabody_Long Distance Swimmer_38 x 30.jpg

louise peabody

A Southampton and NYC based artist, Louise Peabody’s paintings and drawings are emotional narratives that explore the unseen, revealing the reality that lies below the surface of her subjects through visual clues.

Hackett_'chatton' 52 x 36.jpg

melinda hackett

Melinda Hackett is a NY and Hamptons based artist, who has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout the NY area. “One of my purposes in making paintings is to transport the viewer to a necessarily foreign place, where nature can be experienced without knowing it fully, and where reality is communicated through the senses… My paintings create worlds full of images that float, hover, creep, spin, hang, roll or sleep in corners.”

321_CA-0286_Lyrical II_-Oil on linen44x66inches2011.jpg

Claudia aronow

Influenced by the likes of Brice Marden and Jackson Pollock, Claudia Aronow’s dynamic works strike a delicate balance between gestural abstraction and the specificity of traditional painting. Her large scale paintings are precise and yet expressive, a marriage of two disparate impulses. Rhythmic circles and curves, generated by total body engagement, transmit color and line. Sweeping arcs are methodically enclosed within the perpendicular confines of canvas. Aronow’s mastery of shadow, depth and form, reveal her academic training.

Foss_Sag-Pond-and-Shadows.-2017- 78 x 70 SM.jpg

cornelia foss

Foss, a painterly realist, has been painting for over half a century, as is evident by her sure hand and elegant use of color. Renowned for her fresh and personal vision, Foss's work interplays intense emotion within the formal constraints of design and painting. 

Foss paints what she sees, the beaches and landscapes of the Hamptons, the garden of her Long Island home, views of Central Park. In this exhibition, featuring both her magnificent, monumental landscapes and smaller canvas sketches, Foss invites the viewer into a world of exuberant flower gardens, expansive landscapes and expressive skies.